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High price is hired repeat lease into low
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Company of intermediary of a false building is in time of a short many month, enter with be being hired at high price, building of low lease, one office repeats the method that rents for many times to commit the crime nearly 20 cases, experience record amount amounts to more than yuan 20. The victim that is cheated in this case reachs 40 more than person.

At the beginning of this year June, some comes to citizen Cui to team of detect of classics of substation of Haidian public security to sign up for counter scale, oneself lease the building of intermediary company, unexpectedly by hire two resident in order to exceed low standard at the same time one after another. Original, the victim that be cheated Mr Cui has two disengaged buildings to want to rent all the time. This year in April, cui Mou saw the ad of company of intermediary of a building on newspaper ad, the phone that goes up according to advertisement and the clerk that one each weighs surname plum acquired connection. Very fast, the male clerk that one each weighs Li Mou professes with fragrant fragrant female clerk finds Mr Cui. After seeing Mr Cui plan hack building, two " clerk " on the spot with two buildings every months of 5000 yuan high price and Mr Cui signed the formalities that rent a house, paid the rent of a month.

The eye looks at a month to be about, mr Cui calls to two clerks the issue that prepares to talk about relet, can make a telephone call for many times, the phone of two clerks always cannot put through. Mr Cui of bellyful doubt goes oneself room looks, just know oneself were cheated.

Original, the house of Mr Cui already was hired at the same time with low-down price by this intermediary company two lodger, and two lodger are having authority occupy house for who and make a noise so that cannot leave to hand in. Two lodger tell Cui the sir, they signed a contract with every months of 1900 yuan price and intermediary company, one-time paid the hire of half an year. After be informed this circumstance, mr Cui signed up for alarm.

Then, again many victim reports a case to the security authorities to Haidian substation, said to be cheated by building intermediary company. Classics of detachment of detect of punishment of substation of Haidian public security is investigated, claim the Id of the two crime suspect of Li Mou He Fangfang all is to forge, the name of this intermediary company is to risk the name that uses other company.

On June 19, li Mou is in when abundant stage area has a meal inside a restaurant, the member that be investigated is seized on the spot. Li Mou is explained say, his He Fangfang and main suspect Liu Mou buy room source with high price of lunar credit formula, next again low hires much person outwards.

Basis of the member that investigate of Li Mou explain, seize Liu Mou He Fangfang very quickly. Current, because this 3 people are suspected of bilk by Haidian police lawfully criminal is detained.
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