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Confidential rents how formalities is dealt with
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Before signing the contract that rent, confidential owner or attorney should refer confidential to public security police station above all rental requisition and property right proof, bear hire agreement, public security to contract agreement.

Examine and verify of public security police station is approved, send " confidential is rental and safe licence " hind, to the room of building seat tubal branch deals with the rental formalities that register, accord with rental condition, by the room tubal branch is issued " confidential is rental licence " .

The both sides that rent should sign the contract that rent, fill in " ** city resides housing house to rent registration form demesne " , the contract that rent and registration form sign up for the room of building seat to be in charge of mechanism examine and verify along with all the others, sign up for a tax authority to put on record.

Reside housing house to rent a contract to should carry bright building to repose demesne method of amount of the place, building construction, accessory equipment, place that rent and area, utility that rent, fixed number of year that rent, chummage, consign.

Below the following circumstance, reside housing house lessor to be able to remove demesne the relation that rent calls in building, in order to ensure oneself rights and interests:

1, tenant do sth without authorization will bear hire housing relet, make over, subtenancy or without warrant unused need not of above of consecutive half an year;

2, tenant is used bear the building that lease has illegal activity, harm public interest;

3, tenant without reason accumulates 6 months not of consign hire;

4, tenant do sthon one's own authority is free bear be built inside the building that lease or change building use and refus is not restorable.

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