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Conclude a few keys of the contract that rent are nodded
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Come on stage continuously as policy of national adjusting control, a lot of people cast the building to the market that rent, instead is long term investment, here case falls, the contract that rent appears particularly important to maintaining the interest of the both sides that rent, the expert of limited company of representative of property of Shanghai Central Plains is in a few problems that conclude both sides is rented to care quite when the contract that rent put forward a few reference to suggest

Above all, the person that tenant needs to notice to sign a contract with you is the property right person of the building, if not be, existing possibly the representative concerns or relet concerns. If be put in what the representative concerns, the original of accredit a power of attorney that needs to property right person entrusts an autograph to make an appointment with a person (best course is notarial) ; If be put in what relet concerns, need property right person to agree with the original of certify to file of relet, when the certify to file that if property right person agrees with relet,agrees in the contract is truthless, sublessor agree is carried why to plant responsibility.

Next, on the issue that how pays hire and deposit, specific a few months pay first phase hire to be decided by state of each one oneself, must agree in the contract the disbursement of clear terminally hire time and means, and the responsibility of breach of contract that exceed the time limit did not pay. What need reminds is, no matter be to pay hire or deposit, if pass what the bank delimits Zhang means pays, had better delimit directly the account of under one's name of property right person, had stayed relevant delimit paragraph proof, control capital venture further with this.

Again, contract ought to the situation of break a contact with different basis, the responsibility of breach of contract with different agreement. For instance, if building of lessor delayed delivery, or exceed the time limit of lease end tenant is retreated hire, can agree daily by penalty due to breach of contract of collection of standard of prep above hire; If lessor do sth without authorization calls in building, or tenant do sth without authorization is retreated hire, can agree one-time undertake taller penalty due to breach of contract, also can agree the rent that pays to did not use lease serves as penalty due to breach of contract. In addition, to the maintenance of the accessary establishment such as furniture, home appliance, equipment obligation also ought to be in the contract definite agreement.

Still having a kind of case is tenant tardy not the charge such as pay water, report, coal, phone, to this, lessor can be made with the cash pledge of tenant touch buckle. Same, tenant also can encounter lessor possibly protracted maintenance is relevant the circumstance of establishment, equipment, to this, tenant can agree in the contract, if lessor refus is not maintained, tenant can be maintained for you, but charge is assumed by lessor, and tenant has right wait for the forehead to deduct from inside dealing with hire.
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