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Hire a room how to should choose intermediary for the first time
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Enter after Feburary, beijing is secondhand room market begins active as the addition that return Beijing or takes Beijing staff, the each intermediary company of the capital also begins to rise busily. To returning Beijing or for the personnel that enter capital, in channel of eye anteroom source narrower circumstance falls, looking for intermediary company to search the office that make one's home is their general choice. To the first time for the person that rent a house, without the too much experience that rent a house, be used very easily by place of company of certain and illegal intermediary, be deceived thereby. Be aimed at this kind of circumstance, we produced the professional personage of department of 3 class market to undertake advisory to Central Plains ground, it is this part the first time the crowd that rent a house summed up a few item that need an attention when intermediary company rents a house, the hope can come to Beijing work to first time or the consumer of study provides a help.

Pick large brand intermediary company, to these intermediary companies that have group background, their economy actual strength is relative more abundant, and the brand image that pays attention to him enterprise, with professional, high grade sex the service wins consumer to depend on, these intermediary companies set out from consumer interest mostly, the appearance that won't have beguiling customer appears.

So, whether does consumer judge a choice intermediary company to be intermediary of normal, brand again? Place produces department of 3 class market to study the personage suggests in, before choosing intermediary company, can undertake inquiring to the net first. Build in Beijing appoint the setting that this company can inquire on the website, management circumstance, have the case such as record of fine of all without exception, the financial condition of interpose in judge place to choose with this is good, ensure trade in intermediary medium security.

Before seeing a room, need not sign agreement and pay fee
Current, there is partial intermediary company to provide Fangyuan information to consumer in the capital, sign confirmation seeing a room when consumer goes seeing a room, make clear in confirmation mention expressly consumer sees a room want collection fee. To this, place produces department of 3 class market to study the personage warns customer in, the room seeing in regular intermediary corporation is not collection of any charge seeing a room; Additional, to consumer, before seeing a room, also do not need to sign any agreements, the service that before the success that rent a house estate intermediary company provides should be free.

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