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Nanjing town house rents 5 kinds to pay tax circumstance
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Nanjing city is new come on stage " Nanjing town house rents administrative measure " make clear 5 kinds of case to want to register pay tax. The building is rented is building lessor delivers to the building tenant to use, accrual, agree by the contract by tenant with the money to lessor other perhaps form pays the behavior of hire.

Those who have one of following state, should bring into a building to hire management: One, with the affiliation, contract wait for name to offer a building to be used to other, obtain what fixed income perhaps is divided into income and do not assume management risk; 2, break up the building with the means such as bar, stall offer other to use, pay conventional price gold by use person; 3, hotel hostel, restaurant, guesthouse, hostel its other perhaps house offers guest room to serve as fixed office to perhaps run a place to other, and classics is industrial and commercial register to register an address, pay conventional price gold by use person; 4, the house negative layer offers other to use, pay conventional price gold by use person; 5, covert with other way of building of rental, relet.

Reporter Hua Cheng

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