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The building that rent 5 attentions
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Beijing rented the person of the building to rise more with each passing day recently. Organize order of the disturbed market that rent to put an end to minority to illegal broker is organized and violate broker, protect the legitimate rights and interests of broad consumer, bureau of canal of Beijing land room warns broad customer about chief, when contacting business with estate broker orgnaization, must note the following problem:

One, not credulous low is false advertisement. At present Beijing building rents the market to go up, mound the door, ZhongGuanCun, found a state does average house hire one-room flat of area of door and other places is valence general ubiquitous 1400? 1500 yuan of above, other area one-room flat hires city suburb valence also not under 1000 yuan, mark a price however in the advertisement that releases in orgnaization of individual estate broker 500? 600 yuan, apparent under market price case, the purpose attracts a client with this, obtain profiteering. At present bureau of canal of city land room already built housing to rent directive price to release a system regularly, through bureau of canal of city land room each website and orgnaization of each estate broker are announced to the society.

2, examine estate broker orgnaization seriously (branch) " business charter " , " intelligence letter " original. Press active regulation, no matter be estate broker orgnaization or every branch that its set, all should deal with register register reach aptitude approve formalities, be in its dwelling place is obvious the position is pensile " business charter " , " letter of intelligence of orgnaization of Beijing estate broker " original or " orgnaization of Beijing estate broker (branch) intelligence letter " original, and paste its are all hold estate broker " certificate of approval of exam of qualification of Beijing estate broker " Xerox.

3, contract of broker of autograph good estate. The contract should be read seriously without fail before signing a contract each clause, the pattern contract that produces to estate broker orgnaization disagrees, after to this contract the clause undertakes modification, can sign again or sign compensatory contract. Those who sign a contract should be examine when signing a contract hold the qualificatory certificate of realtor of course of study.

4, bear hire, when buying a house, should examine property right person beforehand (lessor) building droit card and identification. Affirm the building is had rental, after offerring a condition, just can sign a contract.

5, do trade legally, do normal procedure. When be engaged in a building hiring an activity, should be in charge of bureau conduction building to rent a contract to register to room of land of place area county put on record formalities; Rent the building the other place comes to Beijing of personnel, should deal with " the building rents licence " and " the building rents safe certificate of approval " ; Rent the building of the personage outside the condition or foreign capital orgnaization, should deal with safety of concerning foreign affairs or foreign nationals to examine procedures. When be engaged in a building transferring an activity, should according to the facts fill in a form and submit it to the leadership is real clinch a deal the price, lawfully pay taxes, do not make black box earn the opportunity of price difference operation, illegally to illegal broker orgnaization.
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