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The parent buys house learning an area not course of study of buy of school of c
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Report from our correspondent (reporter Lin Gong) “ child is about two years to go up too elementary school, want to look for a house to be bought rapidly, although bit more expensive, but such ability enter academic school. ” citizen Ms. Chen for this one target, the each intermediary orgnaization around renown school is rushing about. Instantly, the parent that having job of buy of school of similar idea choose with Ms. Chen is absent a few, a few parents shift to an earlier date one year to begin a few years to choose and buy house learning an area even for long-term consideration of the child.

Buy house learning an area not price of dread tall house

The area austral “ city and city north area are two areas that academic school centers relatively, my plan amid chooses one flatlet, occupy of registered permanent residence does first after taking house property testimony, such children can look for an academic school enter a school. Ms. ” Ms. Chen tells a reporter, live some nearlier from the school, the child gets on next learning that take care of to rise after some more convenient. Citizen Mr Zhang last year also is to was child enter a school to just buy in the area austral city secondhand room, he tells a reporter, they have the housing of a more than 100 square metre, but go to school for the child, borrow money again 300 thousand yuan bought small 2, cleared away sanitation simply to live to go in. Mr Zhang says, wait for the child to finish junior high school, turn to do not have force of limitation learning an area, persons qualified to teach already school of very abundant run by the local people is read, await them to move primary residence again in those days. With learning region house now hot case looks, the house south city or hire or sell affirmation very popular, 300 thousand yuan loan not anxious is not returned on.

The reporter understands, fair the fire of house learning an area that the policy learning an area that runs middle and primary school to execute nearby enter a school makes a school circumjacent indeed. The reporter visited Jiangsu grade elementary school, fine valley to close elementary school to reach 26 in the building intermediary around understands, the information that there are a batch of rooms learning an area in each intermediary hand reachs trends, the house that hangs “ to learn brand of region house ” suffers attention is spent and clinch a deal the volume rises not to fall only in recent years, and prep above wants commonly on the price the other house property of form a complete set of likeness of coequal a sector of an area, extent is in 20% the left and right sides. Of this share building all valence is in above of 8000 yuan of every square metre, some is as high as 15 thousand yuan even, although such still difficult the enthusiasm buying a house that repels the parent.

Course of study of choose school buy hides risk
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