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Harbin small family secondhand price of house learning an area is dark rise
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The reporter discovered in investigation a few days ago, of periphery of a few officer of Harbin city secondhand price of house learning an area not only do not fall, be in instead dark litre. The pattern that price of house of commodity of and other places of this and Beijing, Shenzhen falls greatly forms bright contrast.

The reporter is visited in periphery of afterwards red school in discovery, the price of a lot of rooms learning an area is compared with the photograph a year ago, it is certain to had go up. In street of A assorted river an intermediary company, the reporter read around garden school, afterwards red school to wait for the price of house learning an area of a school periphery to staff member attune, an usable floor area is in 19.67 square metre, build a particular year to be 1964 secondhand room learning an area, price achieves 240 thousand yuan actually, and still do not include tax cost. In civilian increase market an intermediary, the reporter understands, usable floor area amounts to 240 thousand yuan in the price of house learning an area of 23 square metre, and usable floor area is some more largish door model, price rises not apparently, an usable floor area is the room learning an area of 37 square metre, price is 280 thousand yuan.

Yesterday, the reporter visited the much home intermediary of this one belt, the situation that understands is, compare at a year before, secondhand room learning an area especially small family go up more apparent. And according to intermediary company personnel of a few services introduces, although small family room learning an area is monovalent taller, but still be the sprucest sell, the reason is, a lot of parents buy room learning an area to be not to live for a long time, consequently, take up capital accepts the favour of the person that buy a house lesser more.

Although compare Yu Fei to learn region house, current, of renown school periphery secondhand house price does not poor, but buyers and sellers states to this understanding and self-identity ——— have pity on heart of the world parents. In interview, mr Li was the person that buy a house last year child enter a school just was learning an area to buy secondhand room, he tells a reporter, they have the housing of a more than 100 square metre, but go to school for the child, spent many yuan 40 to buy a small family again model secondhand room, cleared away sanitation simply to live to go in. Mr Zhang says, wait for the child to finish junior high school, turn to do not have force of limitation learning an area, persons qualified to teach already school of stronger run by the local people is read, await them to move primary residence again in those days. With learning region house now hot case looks, learn region house in the future or be hired or sell need not worry.
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