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Small family popular and secondhand the market Hangzhou market that rent deduces
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Before 3 quarters trade the volume drops 3 become

With compared last year, hangzhou of before this year 3 quarters is secondhand discretion of expression of room market whole is superabundant and vigor is insufficient, building city appeared of certain level wait-and-see.

According to statistic, 2008 1—9 month Hangzhou 5 big advocate the city zone clinchs a deal in all secondhand room 11213, relatively the corresponding period clinched a deal last year the quantity decreased about 3 into.

Cause Hangzhou of before this year 9 months secondhand room market goes fatigued and weakly situation, put in wait-and-see mood to concern with the group that buy a house, many landlord are forced to turn the house into the market that rent. From eye antecedent condition looks, the youth that is in poineering initial stage prepares not less to buy a room to marry, have the very pressing demand that buy a house, become now the main body of the market.

   Small family popular and secondhand room market

Before this year 3 quarters 90 square metre are the following in small family still be secondhand of room market trade brunt. Especially 60 square metre are the following room source, more 46.49% what occupied assembly to pay an amount, than last year the corresponding period increases 7.55 percent.

In small family warm up continuously, because clinch a deal,be on one hand total prices is relatively inferior, suit broad in low income group is bought; Many domestic population compositions are general on the other hand be two mouth or 3 home, in requirement can be satisfied on small family function. Accompany the further reason of the concept that buy a house, of course made the optimal choice of the market. Additional, hangzhou is secondhand room market buys a settle or live in a strange place group young turn a tide, also be source of small family room popular laid relatively solid foundation; Moreover, construction ministry announced policy of “90 square metre, 70%” last year, the 90 square metre in market of prospective skill room are the following in the small family main body position that will hold the market to supply, policy adjusting control brought positive effect for the market, the small family in future trade dominant position will not be changed.

   The market that rent is unusually hot

The market of Hangzhou of before this year 3 quarters that rent trades active, clinch a deal the quantity had last year relatively go up substantially raise, grew 35.19% 2007 compared to the same period. Rent door model structural respect, one-room flat and place of source of three-room flat room occupy scale to rise somewhat, two bedrooms still are market main force, and the hire that compares moderate and door model the main reason that the structure makes his take quiet market. Clinch a deal with what rise quantity photograph echo, the hire price of the market that rent also has the promotion of nine percent. Love statistic of research center of my home market according to me, the average rent of before this year 3 quarters is 2011 yuan / month, than last year contemporaneity 1838 yuan / the month grew 9.4% .
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