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Hangzhou: Business of cold development of building city hasten how hibernate
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“ is entered from me since travel, now is when this industry is the most difficult. ” is interviewed in, into the senior real estate that goes 18 years wife person sighs with emotion one the ground says, go up it is very difficult also that the century sells a house at the beginning of 90 times, but after the prosperity that has seen estate market, in experience after the insanity last year, altitude drops the ache below more very at before. In although go,be being interviewed first year after year, he has expressed, without the market that goes up not to drop only, do not value the prices this year, however, condition will be such take a sudden turn and become worse rapidly greatly beyond the expect of people.

Real-estate industry needs to be returned to to reason, health, but in this regression process boundless wintry night, who can come down alive? Those have sober knowledge to oneself, have the company of sober analysis to future, what kind of preparation did they make for hibernate?

   Prepare 1: Decelerate area dilate speed

This moment a year ago, company of very much native land estate is in considering walking out of Hangzhou, cross area development, in the target list in them besides Wen Zhou, Ning Bo these are provincial city, still have the city of a gleam of such as Shanghai, Beijing, area dilate plans to had been removed from company development agenda now.

We had planned “ to garrison Shanghai, Beijing last year city of such estate a gleam of, but do not suit to do such area dilate with respect to the market situation of at present. ” bank relative gold promotes president of group of river house property and without concealing anything character he hopes to do the business big, do strong “ ambition ” , just be not optimal opportunity now. “ we now the strategy of formulate is competition of the amlposition when the fault, consolidate first Hangzhou market, because be here,we have brand and administrative dominant position, wait for us to be able to stand firmlier, go not late also again. ”

Want to extend projecting hand to shrink those who come back is more than bank river. The target of heart letter group also is to become a regional company, but they added a new project only this year, still be in Hangzhou. Present market situation returns “ not Anacreontic, blind dilate is not meddlesome affection. ” heart believes Fei Zhongmin of group vice president to say, what he cares most now is how the requirement accomplishs the product according to the client.

   Prepare 2: Adjust profit to anticipate

Yu Liang ever showed 10 thousand branch general manager, the growing ability of the enterprise is rung by the double double image of profit margin and efficiency of have enough to meet need, and among them, profit margin is decided basically by exterior market place, efficiency of have enough to meet need basically manages mode to decide by the enterprise. How can you just quicken have enough to meet need in market trough? Depreciate selling a house is the most commonly used method undoubtedly.
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