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Does building city copy a copy now this?
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Building city adjusted large half an year, whether can copy a bottom to become the topic that the person that buy a house cares most now. Many buildings dish rolled out special offer room, privilege to hit fold, price of real estate becomes loose badlier seemingly, so Where is the best opportunity that copies a copy after all now?
Gentleman of a white horse with a black mane: Everybody has a view now, the feeling enters buyer's market, but arrived when buyer's market, even when seller's market? If you did not buy a house 2008, may miss a good chance. When the more everybody is not valued, the inning that the more everybody does it.
Mr Li: Undeniable the area that house price had entered a bottom now, as to this the dot still is met low more or less to perhaps appear, a lot of people say to forbid. At present city of whole floor looks, it is a bottom area, to the consumer that lives purely, come up against appropriate building dish can consider. Because of the person that lives to buying a house for, they buy what the room needs to obtain is the use value of the building, is not fortune value.
King young lady: Now house price a little somewhat fall after a rise, although the profit that develops business became little trifling, but this money that earn still is earning. I suggest the person that buy a house waits for a half an year again, fall after a rise of reason of price allowing a room grows to salary and consume ability can susceptive just can consider in reasonable range.
Gentleman: Develop business now each pressure is different, but know how things stand and feel confident of handling them is restricted profit space, raw material, labour cost rise very badly since last year, already very tall. End dish depreciate sales promotion is very normal, but if building dish very big new dish if, won't have very big depreciate extent. The fall of house price whole the space is not large, should buy a house or take the advantage of privilege to do it rapidly.
Mr Huang: Investor must want to have converse thinking, this is profitable superexcellent method, be full of patient investor to those especially- - the market that they abound from bubble obtained fund, begin investment afresh when mood lowest is heavy next. Although be at present in the rich play chess of building city, bought the home to hold relative dominant position, but rich weichis and do not mean foolish etc, buy the home astutely to understand, the market the more low fan, the chance that choose a room is more, so if have the plan that buy a house, should begin to prepare for war at present copy a copy.
Ms. Sun: The “ of Central Bank near future double fall the attitude that ” policy demonstrates to the government helps city already, not lukewarm not fire; Bring to extensive development business already hope and anticipate, can alleviate again at present public opinion borrows money this to the pressure of the government that help city of interest rate reduce the person that still buy a house to developing business no matter for, it is benefit good. To buying a house person will tell, those who develop business energetically of interest rate of loan of sales promotion together with reduce, can alleviate the pressure that buy a house, exciting desire to buy looks.
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